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it’s about purpose

it’s about purpose

For Do Good Invest, it all starts with PURPOSE and WHY some successful entrepreneurs have decided to start a business.

As world communities, we are faced with some of the greatest challenges known to mankind with global warming, starvation, food waste, inequality, health challenges related to our lifestyles and others. The list can be made very long.

Fortunately, there are quite some businesses out there that have made it their sole purpose to do something about these great challenges, step by step, focusing on FOOD & HEALTH TECH to fundamentally change these systems for the better. Thanks to latest technologies, R&D and ‘know how, consumers can still enjoy the lifestyles they want to have but make better choices for themselves and for our planet, without compromising on quality, taste or service level. These are the businesses that we actively look for; to help them succeed.

We are more than a financial investor, we will actively support the businesses we engage in with capital, ‘know how’ and detailed execution – we always put the consumer first. Thanks to our extensive network with some of the best professionals in the industry we can actively help start-ups at the most critical stages of their journey to ensure success.

For us it’s about purpose and beyond. We want to Do Good together.

Let’s go do the exceptional!

Christopher Slim